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What does it mean to be a member of the Wisconsin Buck & Bear Club?

Beyond the traditional membership benefits associated with belonging to Wisconsin’s official big game records keepers there is something of greater importance. You’re becoming a part of a distinguished membership that will advocate an ethic of respect in all hunters for wildlife, land, and other users of wildlife. You don't have to have a trophy in the record book to belong to the Wisconsin Buck & Bear Club, just a passion for big game and the desire to keep hunting them.   As a member of Wisconsin Buck & Bear Club you will enjoy receiving our “members only” portion of the club website. There you will be able to search trophy entry data listed in a number of searchable categories.   As a member of the Wisconsin Buck & Bear Club you will receive Up-to-date information on local chapter meetings, Club-supported projects and events, and state hunting trophy records.   As a member you will also be eligible for these great resources:
  • A club discount on books & select merchandise
  • Wisconsin Buck & Bear Club decal
  • Access to specialized areas of our web site
The annual dues are $30 and a Lifetime Membership is $500   New Youth Membership   The Wisconsin Buck & Bear Club values youth and we are committed to encouraging more youth to become hunters. With any trophy record entries for any individual under the age of 18 the Wisconsin Buck & Bear Club will offer a special youth membership for only $10! And once you become a youth member you can enjoy your $10 membership up to the age of 18.   This membership will allow many more youth to learn about hunting, conservation, and the Wisconsin Buck & Bear Club. Through this membership we will be able to connect with youth at the beginning of their hunting life, and therefore will be able to teach them the Club's values and beliefs at an early age!  

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Membership Fees

Annual: Adult $30  Youth $10

Life: $500

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