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16-Mar 2024

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22-24 Mar 2024

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The Wisconsin Buck & Bear Club is proud to announce the release of it’s most current record book, Wisconsin Trophy Records, Volume 11. This latest edition of the Wisconsin Trophy Records includes a complete list of over 19,000 trophies recorded by the Wisconsin Buck & Bear Club from 1840 through 2018. This latest edition is packed with county by county trophy whitetail deer and black bear, current state records, Top 100 listing, and much, much more! 

Available October 2019, WI Trophy Records, Volume 11!

Online Ordering Available Now!

Wisconsin Trophy Records

The Kassera buck was recently panel scored by the 2017 Pope and Young Club Judges Panel in advance of the 2017 Bi-Annual National Pope and Young Club Convention.<More info


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The Wisconsin Buck & Bear Club has officially measured a black bear that is now the new #2 Wisconsin Archery Black Bear. < More info


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Info about Johnny Kings whitetail deer taken in Wisconsin in 2006